Cardiac/Concussion – ‘Every Coach, Every Year’

Below are the links that are required for scholastic coaches to meet the mandates of the Commonwealth pertaining to concussion and cardiac education. If you recall, these courses cannot be taken before July 1st of each year. Coaches don’t have to renew these for each season or sport they coach, but must complete one concussion course and the cardiac course before their first season of coaching. If you took the course last year you still have to take it this year.

Just remember: “Every coach, Every year”.  This includes both paid and volunteer coaches. The links below are the only ones I am aware of that are approved to meet the mandate. I have tested each of the links and they connect to the online course. You have 5+ weeks after July 1st to get this done if you are a fall sport coach. Fall sports begin on Monday, August 17th with the exception of football that has heat acclimatization starting August 10th. Those football coaches need this completed prior to August 7th. Please do these as soon as you can and turn in those certificates so I can check you off as having taken the courses. I am asking that ALL head coaches forward or share these links with those on their staff so there are no hiccups and everyone meets the requirements. If you are not a fall sport coach then please know that your deadline will be either November 20th (winter sports) or March 8th (spring sports) to turn those certificates in.



CONCUSSION COURSES: (Only need to take one of the concussion courses.) (New link this year)


CARDIAC COURSES: (Only need to take one of the cardiac courses.)



Also, below is the link for the PIAA Mandated Rules Interpretation meetings that those sports require the head coach to attend. Please check the link and find a rules meeting that fits your schedule. Failure on your part to attend will mean the fine of $100 or taking an online course at your expense to pass the requirement. You’ll find one in District 7 (WPIAL) or District 8 (Pittsburgh) to fit your needs.