Coach Clearances and Training Requirements

Clearances and Training Requirements

Mandatory Clearances

Section 111 of the School Code requires background checks for all school entities (public and non-public), employees, coaches, volunteers, contractors, and student teachers, who have direct contact with children.  The required background checks are now required to be updated every five years.

While the law states that any of the three required background checks may now be used by potential applicants for up to five years, our District requirement remains that clearances must be within one year of the date of hire:

The following documents are mandatory components for any candidate to be recommended for employment:

  • Pennsylvania State Police Clearance – use this link to apply online or this link to download the free form for printing and mailing.
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance – use this link to apply online or this link to download the form for printing and mailing.
  • FBI Background Check – use this link to begin the application process. The Pennsylvania Department of Education has partnered with IDEMIA to provide a secure capture transmission of applicant fingerprints at IdentoGO Centers, which are located throughout the state. Additional information for this process can be found here. To begin the fingerprinting registration process, please follow these steps:
    1. Enter the service code for Pennsylvania school district employees. The code is 1KG6XN. Before proceeding, ensure the top of the web page says “PDE School Districts.”
    2. Complete the online registration process.
    3.  Following online registration, use the code provided during the registration process and report to an IdentoGO fingerprinting facility. Facilities and hours of operation can be found online here.

Act 168 Disclosure Release – for all new applicants, you must complete this required Act 168 Disclosure Release prior to employment.

Mandated Reporter Training Certificate of Completion

All new coaches and volunteer coaches are required to either provide proof of the Mandated Reporter Training (Act 126), or complete the free training on their own time (link provided here): (type in to access this)  This training must be completed every five years.