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Chris Leonard, MS ATC, LAT                                    Kevin Kotsko, M.ED, ATC, LAT
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University of Pittsburgh (1992)                                  Slippery Rock University (1995)
B.S. Education, specialize in Athletic Training            B.S. Health Science

Virginia Commonwealth University (1999)                 University of Virginia (1997)
M.S. Exercise Science                                               M. Ed Athletic Training

*NATA Certified 1993                                                 *NATA Certified 1995
*PA Licensed                                                             *PA Licensed

 School Physician
Dr. Edward Snell, MD
Chief Medical Director – AGH
Head Physician – Pittsburgh Pirates

The Hampton School District, in association with Allegheny Health Network Sports Medicine, provides two certified athletic trainers who are available for coverage of Middle and High School practices and home events. The athletic trainers are licensed health care professionals proficient in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries and collaborating with physicians and other health care professionals, as well as athletic administrators, coaches and parents to ensure safe participation in athletics and daily life.


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Concussion Management

Safety in Youth Sports Act becomes Law in Pennsylvania
Governor Corbett signed the Safety in Youth Sports Act in a ceremony at Lower Dauphin High School, Dauphin county. The state General Assembly passed it on November 1. The legislation is Senate Bill 200, introduced by Sen. Patrick M. Browne (R-Lehigh). It was shepherded through the House by Rep. Timothy P. Briggs (D-Montgomery), who had introduced the companion bill, House Bill 200.

This bill establishes standards for managing concussions to student athletes. In order to return to play the athlete must be cleared by a licensed psychologist trained in neuropsychology, by a physician who is trained in the evaluation and management of concussions, or by certain other health care providers under the supervision of the physician. The Pennsylvania Psychological Association’s advocacy was instrumental in this bill’s passage. The association’s past president, Dr. Mark Hogue stated, “This new law will be extremely important to any athlete who suffers a concussion. Athletes who return to play prematurely are at risk of a second concussion, which can be life-threatening.” Dr. Hogue is a clinical and sport psychologist from Erie.

The bill will require the state Departments of Health and Education to develop and post on their websites information on the nature of concussions in athletic activities and the risks associated with continuing to play or practice after a concussion. Student-athletes and their parents or guardians must sign an acknowledgment of receipt of an information sheet on concussions prior to participation in athletics. It will require coaches to complete a concussion management certification training course before coaching any athletic activity. During an athletic contest coaches will be required to remove athletes from competition if they exhibit signs of a concussion.

The legislation will become effective on July 1, 2012, in time for the next school year. It does not pertain to private schools, but only to public schools. It covers interscholastic athletics as well as other sports associated with a school entity, and includes cheerleading, practices, and scrimmages.


1) Nature of Concussions and Risk
The State law in Pennsylvania regarding concussions states that any athlete exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussion or a traumatic brain injury must be removed from the game or practice and must be evaluated by the appropriate medical professional before returning to play.

A coach or parent may not return an athlete to play following a concussion, a written release from the above list of appropriate medical professional must be obtained.

Mandatory education is important for all athletes, parents and coaches regarding the signs and symptoms of a concussion or traumatic brain injury. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an excellent resource for Concussion in Sport and Injury Prevention and control. Information is available from the following sites:

2) Student-athletes and their parents or guardians must sign an acknowledgment or receipt of an information sheet on concussions prior to participation in athletics.
The newly revised PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form (CIPPE) is available by clicking here. Page 3 contains the requirement that parents acknowledge the risk of concussion and traumatic brain injury in sport and sign accordingly.

3) Coaches Concussion Management Certification Required
All coaches of interscholastic athletic teams, other coaches of sports associated with Hampton, and cheerleading sponsors will be required to take the online certification course sponsored by the NFHS.

For all coaches for the 2018-2019 school year, the course needs to be completed after July 1, 2018 and prior to March 1, 2019. The certificate of completion should be given to the athletics office to be kept on file by August 13, 2018 for fall coaches. Any coach or sponsor not completing the course and having the certificate on file will not be permitted to coach.

Coaches hired after the August 13, 2018 deadline will be obligated to complete the course, and have it on file prior to the legal start date of that respective season. The certification is good for only one year, and must be taken again the following year after July 1, 2019.

The NFHS online course, “Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know.” It is a complimentary online course designed to familiarize those associated with interscholastic athletics on the signs, symptoms, and treatment related to concussion in sports. The only requirement is a quick and easy registration at www.nfhslearn.com.

Additional Information
Return to Play
Hampton uses a 5-Step Return to Play protocol that will be implemented for all Hampton athletes that suffer a concussion. Graduated return to play is used to safely return an athlete to participation and will be administered by the Licensed Athletic Trainers at Hampton (under the direction of a Licensed Physician). The return to play protocol will begin once the athlete is symptom free and returned to baseline level (if available). It is designed to increase the exertional activity under the supervision of the licensed athletic trainer. Each step must be completed while symptom free before return to play is considered.

If a concussion occurs out of season, either the PIAA physical form or the section 6/7 forms from the PIAA physical form must be completed to reflect clearance to return to play.

An athlete may not return to athletic participation until:

  • Symptom free
  • Cleared by licensed physician
  • Return to baseline testing score if available
  • Successfully complete the 5-step return to play protocol with the Hampton athletic trainers 

Baseline Testing Information
The Hampton School District utilizes the C3 Logix System to manage concussions our athletes sustain. A one-on-one assessment is performed using an iPad providing reliable and objective measurements of postural stability, working memory, reaction time and visual acuity to guide our physicians and athletic trainers in the treatment of our student-athletes.

Baseline testing is required to participate in a contact/collision sport at Hampton School District. It is only one tool available to determine return to play following a concussion. A licensed physician and our athletic trainers will take many factors into consideration when returning an athlete to play following a concussion.

C3Logix Baseline testing is available to all athletes. Contact our athletic trainers to schedule a convenient time for testing.

Impact Baseline testing is no longer offered at the school; however it is offered at the following locations:
UPMC Sports Medicine: 412-432-3681
Pediatric Alliance: 412-364-5834

If an athlete had a concussion test done elsewhere, we will need a copy of the current concussion test for our files. Please bring a copy to the Athletics Office in the High school. 

Click here for more information on signs, symptoms and treatment.

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