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NCAA Recruiting

This Guide is designed to educate you, your family and high school administrators regarding the initial-eligibility process for NCAA Divisions I and II colleges and universities. We encourage you to take an active role in this process, which determines your eligibility to receive an athletics scholarship, practice and compete in the initial year of full-time enrollment. If you are interested in Division III, please visit NCAA or contact the athletics office at the respective college or university for information regarding initial-eligibility requirements.

More than 1,000 NCAA schools offer a variety of academic and athletics programs, so it is never too early to start doing your homework. Work closely with your high school counselors, coaches, parents/guardians and mentors as you transition to college, which can be a wonderful experience academically and athletically.

As the “front porch” of the NCAA, The NCAA Eligibility Center strives to make your registration and certification experience positive and beneficial. Please not the following helpful tips:

1. Visit the Eligibility center to learn more about opportunities available at NCAA schools.
2. Know current and future academic requirements for Division I (2016) and Division II (2018).
3. Complete NCAA-approved core courses throughout high school. Your high school
counselor can help.
4. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center during your sophomore year if you are
interested in Division I or II athletics participation.
5. After six semesters, send official transcripts from all high schools attended to the
NCAA Eligibility Center.

*The NAIA Council of Presidents Committee on the Eligibility Center increased student registration fees consistent with industry standards, effective Saturday, August 1, 2015.

Click here for 2017-2018 Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete.

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NAIA Eligibility Center

Each year, NAIA colleges and universities award $450 million to 60,000 student-athletes.  With that aid comes a great education, a personal touch, and a shot at one of 23 NAIA national championships.

This September, the NAIA Eligibility Center will start registering high school students for NAIA eligibility.  To play NAIA sports in 2017-18, every student must be registered with the NAIA Eligibility Center.